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Easiest Smoky Eye Tutorial Ever

Thank you Refinery29!

I heart you for simplifying the smoky eye. Maybe this will inspire me to do more than just a swipe of mascara, a sweep of blush and a dab of color on my lips (if you’re lucky) in the mornings.

And hopefully this will help banish my gloomy moods and winter “bum-bums” (your words, not mine, but perfectly fitting).

Scales of Sophistication a la Garance

Everyone can always use a few style tips pointers and tiddlybits, especially from one of my favorite ladies of the online, Garance Dore, and especiallyespecially on the first day of 2012.  Sets the tone for the year very nicely, methinks.

You don’t always have to be at a 10.

The 10 Degrees of Sophistication:

For those of you who are wondering what sort of Richter scale I use to measure my degree of sophistication, here’s a little guide:

Scale of Sophistication à la Garance:

–> Level 1 I partied all night and fell asleep diagonally on my couch with an infomercial on, fully dressed without taking my makeup off, but that goes without saying.

–> Level 2 I’ve just come back from a run. I hope for you that you never see me like this, sweaty, a dumb runner’s high smile and the rosiest cheeks you ever did see.

–> Level 3 I’ve got the flu. No description necessary.

–> Level 4 I’m on my way to do some grocery shopping at the Whole Foods down the block. I just showered, but no makeup.

–> Level 5 I’m meeting up with a friend. I put on powder and some mascara and my hair is in a quick bun.

–> Level 6 I have a photo-shoot (where I’m the photographer), same thing as above + foundation.

–> Level 7 I have a meeting with a client, so same as above + eye shadow + high heels. (From this level on, note that I am wearing high heels.)

–> Level 8 I have a date with my man, same as above + lipstick and wearing my hair down and curly. In other words, you could say I’m pulling a Wild Garance.

–> Level 9 I’ve got a fashion party to go to, so same thing minus the hair. I try to do something with it like some super sophisticated bun, but I fail miserably so I end up just wearing it up and putting 3 tons of gel into it so I look super sleek. And not sorry-I-was-in-a-super-rush. So like, the same thing as I did yesterday.

–> Level 10 I have a photo-shoot (I’m in front of the camera), a hair-stylist and makeup artist take possession of my body to work what I would have loved to call “their magic” but it so often just ends up being the same thing : They put a too much brown on my cheeks and give me a “loose curl” blow-dry (= the same thing as everyone else), and I look like Victoria Principal and I just hate it. But of course I do, sophisticated as I am.)

I need to work on the high heels part a little bit more … but… I kind of love thisslashher so much I have it pasted on my bulletin board at work.

With a heart drawn on it.

I really like drawing hearts.  And stars.  And Garance Dore.

Do It Like A Dude

I’ve been listening to this song for months and months and months.

And months.

Oh em gee those freaktastic lips.

They scare Cassandra something fierce, but I need need NEED them for NYE.


Dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty sucka

Glitter Sparkles and a Little More Glitter

This girl loves herself some glitter.  And not in a cheesy “Hi I’m a 5 year old girl and I like to sprinkle glitter on everything” kind of way.  Ok, maybe a little bit in that way, but come on people how is life not made so much better by sparkles.

I realize that makes me sound like a total twit but I swear to god I’m not.  I just love glitter and sparkles (and anything metallic, particularly gold… or chrome nailpolish).

image via pinterest

It just makes everything so much better!

That being said, I thought it would be fitting to share with you two of my favorite new(ly discovered) blogs/websites that feed off of my love for all things sparkly.

First off, Glitter Guide.

Who doesn’t love a website that shares 7 Ways to Add Sparkle To Your Home?

i want a house to myself just so i can do this

And shows you how to make things like this?!

oh em gee amazing

A curmudgeonly Grinch. That’s who.

Next up, The Beauty Department.

The answer to your beauty questions that you for some reason haven’t yet asked me since I obvs know the answer to like, um, everything (winkyface).

Hello DIY mixed-metal nails!

totally doing this for NYE

You’ve gotta love a website that encourages glitter-loving ladies to take a screwdriver to your curling iron and transform it into a curling wand.

And honestly, this site makes me actually kind of really like Lauren Conrad.
Who would have thought?

Smoother Than A Baby’s Bottom

Dude.  I effing love Asian beauty products.  Like… love love.

TatiHekmati and I also went on a little adventure to Japantown (after seeing the superawesometastic movie Young Adult) and went a lil nuts in Ichiban Kan, resulting in the purchase of a plethora of Naisture 15minutes: mask packs.
At $1 a pop who can blame me?

I used “Lovely Strawberry” last night and my skin is, as the saying goes, smoother than a baby’s bottom.  F’real.

The description is pretty hilarious:
Strawberry rich in vitamins controls your excessive sebum and keeps your skin smooth.  Triple cushion sheets with an excellent feeling on skin contact help absorption of the essence.

Control that excessive sebum!  Hilarity aside, the mask indeed felt like it was infused with the essence of strawberries.  And not in a nasty fake-strawberry way.

It smelled like a strawberry in this kind of way:

nomnomnom strawberries

Actually, more in this kind of way:

Want to know another little Asian beauty product secret?  Of course you do!

Get some DHC Olive Leaf Milk for that pretty little face of yours.  Olive leaf has so many good-for-you properties.  I take Olive Leaf pills when I’m getting sick and it stops sicky in its tracks.  And on your face?  Oh man.  Beautiful skin here you come!

Le Labo? Swoon.

Le sigh.  Le sigh.  Le swoon.

I love Le Labo.  Everything they stand for… I’ve been lusting after
Fleur d’Oranger 27 for months now.  I’m feeling guilty that I want a perfume that costs more than a plane ticket home, but I’m ravenously lusting nonetheless.

The philosophy behind the perfume, the natural ingredients and on site blending (literally, right in front of you) makes it all worth it.

fleur d’oranger 27

Trendland did a fantastic piece on Le Labo today – check it out here.

Morning MUNI Matchmaking

So this boy on MUNI was wearing Ray Ban wayfarers in the same ferrari red as the Mac Ruby Woo lipstick I have on.

hello lover

I almost proposed to him on the spot.