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You’ve Been Shot… With A Love Arrow!

Blow Up! did the sweetest guest post for Martha Stewart Crafts;
adorable little love struck pencils!  They were so effing cute I just had to make them.  I couldn’t resist!  Oh man… I am such a cheeseball.

love struck

Eeeee how fun are these?  Paint and feathers and colored pencils… oh hello.

eeee featherssssss

I couldn’t find the natural feathers they used in the diy (argh I went to two different art stores!) so did a little improvising by glue gunning an array of feathers and wrapping a little bit of ribbon around them to cover up the ugly that were the cut tips of the feathers.

feathers and fun

You’ve been hit!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here Comes the Bling

So, I make jewelry sometimes.

My friends yell at me on a constant basis about the fact that I don’t really do much with it other than wear it myself or give it away.
I love giving gifts!

Since I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather and just a little bit (ok a lot bit) stir crazy, I went at this jewelry making in a major way.  First, I finally made a bracelet I’ve been dying to make for months from Honestly…WTF :

look at all of those colors! and that bling!

Then I decided it was time to do something with the massive number of vintage chandelier crystals I keep in my art dresser.
(yes, it a dresser… and a shelf… plus some other things…)

repurposed vintage crystals

What do you think?
Oh, and I chopped off four inches of hair last weekend.
That shit cray.


An Ode to Art Supplies

I love love love love love new art supplies.  Did you catch that?
Just in case you needed to hear it again…

The feeling of an ink pen (the kind where you dip the ink into a little glass jar of ink) being dragged across textured paper just makes me swoon.  You can only imagine then that new pen nibs plus new inks plus a new notebook with pristinely white, beautifully textured paper would make me very, very excited.

so much fun playing with my new nibs + inks

I use Windsor & Newton inks.  I love their oil paints (a whole lot) and so decided to keep it in the family.  Plus using Windsor & Newton inks with an old-style ink pen just seems so… romantic.  And their metallic gold ink is ridiculous.

Did you know that when you get new nibs you need to burn them a little to melt the wax off so that the nib doesn’t repel the ink?! The boy at the art store (who wears bowties!!!) told me so.

I’m Back

I think. Kind of. I’m not sure.

I went through this weird period where I got, well… bored I guess is the right term… of taking pictures of food and writing about food and just kind of documenting my foodieness (which btw is hilarious because that word seems to be loathed far and wide by everyone in the food industry, food critics especially, those lovable grumps).

Anyway. I haven’t been cooking much. I’ve been on this weird quasi-quesadilla trip and that’s really all I want to eat for dinner every night with a load of spinach on top. And avocados. And hot sauce. Man that sounds disgusting but I promise it’s not.

There I go on yet another tangent.  The point of this is to say that recently I’ve been exploding with creativity and all I want to do is paint and poke holes in things.

I thought as a hello I’m back move I’d share a sneaky peek of the type of thing I’ve been doing.

Imagesometimes you just want to paint inside the lines

Yes I realize I just colored in some things with paint but that’s what I want to do.  And I’m really happy about it.  And I’m really happy playing with color combinations and not really worrying about what I’m doing.  And I like painting feathers.  So there.

I’ve also decided to make some bags.  For reals this time.  I just need an awl and a chisel so I can poke some holes in some leather.  That’s what I mean by I just want to go poke holes in things.

I’ll post some pics of the bags in process once I’m more… there.

Thank you Cassandra for leaving me some leather. You’ve inspired me.

I Am A Shredding Monster

I really wish I knew how to do this when shredded t-shirts were still cool, because right now I’m a shredding monster.


As Josh says, it’s a great way to get the frustration out.
And, in about ten hours, I’ll have the coolest t-shirt ever (a year ago).


Get ready for a lot more fun projects from honestlywtf’s DIY center.  I’m in love.

Thanks Chlo… heart.

A Dreamcatcher D.I.Y.

This is regurgitated from Foam Magazine (a new magazine I’m absolutely adoring) and the gorgeous Jessica Seaton from Beau + Aero (one of my fave new stores in LA).  I had the most incredible dreamcatcher when I was little – I wonder what happened to it?  In with the new!

jessica seaton and her dreamcatcher

Check out the instructions here.

Cassandra – art project?

I Love Wrapping Presents.

A lot.