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A True Beauty

I love this one.

Dear Mr. Anderson

What kind of bird are you?

I am very excited for Moonrise Kingdom.


Take a Moment to Catch Your Breath

Does it ever happen to you that you see something so beautiful you simply gasp and have to take a moment to catch your breath?

That’s what just happened to me.

These are from a series of double exposures… but they make me want to paint again.  Portraits.  And get all the rolls of film I took with my Holga developed.

Pakayla Biehn you just made my heart stop.

*all images courtesy of Pakayla Biehn’s website*

Thank you Honestly…WTF for writing about Pakayla in the first place!

Love TatiHekmati. And these. And you!

TatiHekmati came and visited me this weekend and we had an effing blast.
If every weekend was like this past weekend, I’d never leave San Francisco.


Then again, I’d probably end up at Betty Ford, broke and obese, stuffed full of wine, Tartine’s chocolate pudding, Redwood Room’s heinously strong cocktails (and I mean that in the most wonderful way possible) and Ragazza’s butternut squash rigatoni with brown butter sage & fontina within approximately twopointfive months.


Wheeee I love my friends.

Love Will Tear Us Apart

I love Exhibition A & their limited edition collaborative prints.

This Michael Bevilacqua piece came into my inbox this morning… I really really really want it but really really really need to recover from Christmas shopping before I even think about indulging in anything like this for myself.

5:18 Michael Bevilacqua

Via Exhibition A: “‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ is the amazing song by Joy Division about Ian Curtis’ torrid love affair. Torn between his wife and lover, the end result was Curtis committing suicide after only two albums and a handful of singles. Probably the most influential indie band to date. For the last year and more, the music of Joy Division has dominated my studio resulting in paintings of chrome, black and white. Joy Division is the soundtrack to an industrial landscape of new work scratched, burned and erased into existence.” – Michael Bevilacqua, 2011

I only recently discovered Joy Division (way behind the times, I know, but I watched Control to try and relate to a boy… how lame does that sound…) and now they’re playing on repeat on my Spotify because I hear Ian Curtis’ voice and get the chills.  Anyway.  There you are.  I like Joy Division.  And this print.  And I want it in our living room, hanging above our fireplace.

At least those creepy owls are gone.