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Sunday Farmer’s Market Flowers

A very, very strange thing has happened.

yellow spider mums!!!

It is warm and beautiful in San Francisco… in January nonetheless!

the windowsill creatures are in complete enjoyment

And this little monster is taking FULL advantage.  Yoga + farmer’s market (+ a salmon burger nomnomnom) + milky tea + open windows + my new pen nibs + inks = a sunny Sunday dream

look at all of the new nibs + inks i get to play with!

The Culinary Historians Cookbook Sale

Every year, the Culinary Historians put on a used cookbook sale at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market.  Lolo, Hil & I braved the cuckoo cookbook collectors and got there around 9.  The selection was amazingly random, from the Eskimo Cookbook (an Alaskan elementary school cookbook) to Kitchen Angst (Lolo got that one) to James Beard books.  I fared well with four cookbooks for $9.00.  Baller.

My favorite find was the ‘O’ Level Cookery book – vintage and oh so cute – has someone’s exam dates and their shopping list for fruit flan.  There are informational illustrations showing where various cuts of meat come from and… fish illustrations!  Lolo also got one about cooking if you live in the North, complete with instructions on what to do if you go and kill your own moose.  Not something I think we will ever need to know living in the wilds in LA, but if Lo gets that cabin in the woods she so desires, who knows!  It might come in handy.

We proceeded to wander about and stock up on some beautiful produce, heavenly smelling lavender soaps (yes, I admit, I am a nut for lavender), and were coaxed by the smell of the gyro stand… next time I need to plan a little better and save some money for the snow cone stand and the guy with the delicious teas.

Farmer’s Market with the Padre

I love Farmer’s Markets.  The colors make my heart flutter.  I went this morning with the Padre to stock up on some produce for the week.  I bought the most delicious artichoke hummus and of course picked out some flowers (I just can never help myself!).  Nothing cheers up a gloomy day like a handful of flowers.  $4 bouquet at the Farmer’s Market = 3 mini bouquets.  Perfection!

Can’t get Phoenix 1901 out of my head.  It’s a good thing.