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I can’t wait to see this

The Cookbook Shelf – I Need More!

Chefs talking about their cookbooks collections?  How am I just finding out about this??!!??

This is so exciting.  I love cookbooks.  I think my head just exploded.
It’s only the third installment (over the course of four months) but seeeeriously, c’mon guys, I need more.

Queue The Cookbook Collection from Eater.

image courtesy of eater

Per Sara Moulton:
“If a cookbook doesn’t have 200 recipes, it’s not a serious cookbook.”
I mean, I couldn’t agree more, but does it have to be serious to be enjoyable?

Golly Gee Willikers this is an exciting discovery.

Shake Rattle and Roll

or, How to Peel Garlic in Less Than 10 Seconds.

Thanks Todd – this instantly solves the worlds’ garlic peeling problems!
My mother will be particularly happy.  She loathes peeling garlic.

Kouign Amann

What is Kouign Amann, you ask?

It’s my new obsession.  That’s what it is.  It’s a buttery, clog-your-arteries delicious kind of pastry topped with a spattering of sugar.

A journalist picked up a few to share on our way up to a media event we were hosting in Healdsburg and the second I took a bite, my mouth dropped,  I gasped, took another bite and broke out into a gigantic shit-eating grin.

These things are incredible.  I want to learn how to make them but I’m scared they won’t be as delicious as the one I tried and then I’ll just be heartbroken.

Here’s a fun video you can watch about them:

Love TatiHekmati. And these. And you!

TatiHekmati came and visited me this weekend and we had an effing blast.
If every weekend was like this past weekend, I’d never leave San Francisco.


Then again, I’d probably end up at Betty Ford, broke and obese, stuffed full of wine, Tartine’s chocolate pudding, Redwood Room’s heinously strong cocktails (and I mean that in the most wonderful way possible) and Ragazza’s butternut squash rigatoni with brown butter sage & fontina within approximately twopointfive months.


Wheeee I love my friends.

Napa Napa Napa Part Deux

So, thennnnn we went to Long Meadow Ranch to see Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers, part of a fun thing LMR is doing with Outside Lands.  My mom compared Nicki to someone famous singer with a beautifully gravely voice but I can’t remember whom.  Ooops.  But you should check her out.  I’m a fan.

lmr’s farmstead restaurant

they also grow deliciousness

omg yum

The madre commented how nice it was to see so many restaurants practicing what they preach, to actually see the farms where they’re growing the produce they’re using in the restaurant.  A lot of restaurants talk about that, but you don’t get to see it so first hand.  Not going to lie – it’s pretty incredible.

We made sure to drink some wine.

lmr sauvignon blanc

big big big big big kisses

Then we drove back into San Francisco and had the most incredible dinner at Ragazza with their friend Julia from their Bhutanese Yak Trek. Yes you read that right.

Anyway during that meal I think died and went to heaven.  And I think a bit of my soul might still be lingering up there.

Ramos Gin Fizz

It was my grandmother’s favorite brunch cocktail, and now it is mine too.  I even have the recipe with her original notes on it.  How unbelievably rad is that?

how yum is that

What’s super cool is that Nopa has an incredible Ramos Gin Fizz that I can meander on over and drink any Sunday.  Eff yes.

love their little brunch menu

And we did just.  We also ate an absolutely phenomenal brunch, but the Ramos Gin Fizz an absolute delight.  Definitely the highlight.

I do actually want to make it myself at some point…
Nick, it’s time for a science experiment!