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Plum Kuchen

Sunday was a very sad day.  I deemed my basil completely dead (it just wasn’t been able to handle the heat wave we experienced last week…) and my most favorite plant in the entire world, my chocolate mint plant, suffered a horrific aphid infestation.  I didn’t even know aphids could infest indoor plants!

I brightened it a bit by making Plum Kuchen.  I bought plums the other week and for some reason wasn’t eating them.  I guess I just knew they were destined for something better.  I did some research and landed on a Gourmet Magazine Plum Kuchen recipe (apparently you can make Kuchen with any stone fruit, so mix it up people!).

I hadn’t realized when I decided to do this recipe how long it would take.  I bought a few missing ingredients, went home, ACTUALLY read the recipe, had an anxiety attack, and proceeded to say eff it, I have everything ready, it’s Sunday, Erich and I are going to brunch but he’s not waking up, despite my texts telling him to awaken (Sidenote: we ended up having brunch at The Little Next Door during rising process part two… gruyere fries, eggs benedict, my favorite greek salad in LA and the perfectly sweetened mint iced tea), so let’s do it!  Lesson 1: Read the recipe all the way through before you decide to make it.  Lesson 2: Yeast cakes take FOREVER to make.  Lesson 3: Yeast cakes are totally worth it.  Lesson 4: I need to get my food photography/styling skills on par with Gourmet Magazine.  As delicious as these suckers are, they do not photograph nearly as well as Gourmet’s, but I bet they taste just as good!

On a musical sidenote… Phantogram’s “When I’m Small” was the perfect musical accompaniment.  In fact, the entire album is, I’m just obsessed with that one song and have been playing it on repeat since Friday.  Roomie, please don’t kill me.

Blueberry, lavender, honey and yogurt pops

Just made these… but with a little twist.  Blueberries instead of blackberries, greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt and infused lavender from Fiona’s garden in the simple syrup.  They’re currently in the freezer – will share the final report tomorrow, but the “batter” was phenom (roomie agrees), can’t imagine the final results will be anything less than stellar.