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This is What I Did Today

Just a leisurely sunset stroll…


Liddy + Cody Are Famous

Two of the most incredible people I know and their perfect wedding got a four page spread in a UK bridal mag.  Unreal.

It was the only wedding I’ve been to where I walked in and just felt like the wedding embodied the couple.  From the venue to the decorations to the food to Dan officiating the ceremony in a purple lei.  Liddy and Krista were a perfect team.

I know your wedding was this summer (and this was a little delayed – slash I hadn’t started jdm yet), but still… congrats lovely couple.

I heart you!

To experience the amazingness that was their wedding, click here.

Art Project Prep

Getting ready for art project time with little teebs. Which color will we choose?

Breakfast of Champions

The team is trying to make me better with vitamin c and avocados. Nomnom.

Happy Birthday to Me

I’m sicky sick sick but it’s my birthday so I’m posting about the two wonderful things that happened to me today. Three actually. 1. My favorite baker made me a birthday cinnamon roll (aka one of her delicious cinnamon rolls with a pink candle in it) 2. Tino got me little yellow roses for my kitchen garden (how sweet!) 3. Rebecca got me a private calligraphy lesson… Which I’ve been wanting forever and I’m so excited it almost takes away the fact that I threw my back out coughing.


Apple and cheddar scones

Oh em gee… can’t wait to make these!  I don’t think Saturday can properly prepare itself for the pure amazingness these are going to be…